I'm Maxime, I reside in the region of Touraine, nestled within the Loire Valley's castle-laden landscape in France.

Back in December 2020, I bought my first camera : a second hand Fujifilm X-T20 (+XF18-55mm) because I felt within me that I had to somehow turns scenes that I would observe during urban walks into something that can be put on a physical support like a printed photography in a frame.

I started by learning as much as I could through books and tutorials on Internet, then I had to put what I learned into practice with my camera by testing different settings, shooting different places, people, scenes.

In April 2021, I realized that what I liked the most was street photography. Ever since, I have had this strong desire to introduce street photography to as many people as possible, to democratize it as I noticed many people are still surprised to see a photographer taking pictures of urban scenes, or of people just living their life without them noticing, before showing them the result.

Photography differs from other forms of artistic expression by a single aspect: it freezes for eternity a moment caught in a continuous flow of action.

Some say that "capturing the moment" is what photography does best, that you have to perfect this skill because some moments are simply more essential than others, that they make photos remarkable, unique.

Admittedly, street photography is not an easy subject. It is a rigorous subject that requires observation, anticipation, speed and a bit of luck.

I like to unearth and capture moments of life.

Finally, taking a photo is not just a matter of pressing the shutter. Often, it is a matter of self-discipline that requires positive psychological preparation and anticipation, as I have to plan how I’ll reach the location, at what time because of the light or people, etc.

Presently, I predominantly employ four camera models : my digital Fuji, a Canon AE-1, a Yashica from the 70' and a "point & shoot" Nikon for film. These choices were made carefully, aligned with their capacity to capture the desired aesthetics in my photographic work.

The Fuji -renowned for exceptional image quality and user-friendly operation- empowers me to capture the most delicate nuances of my subjects. Its advanced technology offers a rich and faithful color spectrum, enhancing the conveyance of each shot's authentic atmosphere.

The Canon AE-1, celebrated for its resilience and reliability, embodies an artistic nostalgia. This classic 35mm film camera plays a pivotal role in my exploration of the inherent magic of the film photographic process.

Lastly, the Yashica Mat 124G imparts a distinctive facet to my journey. Opting for this twin-lens reflex (TLR) camera, I indulge in the luxury of dedicating ample time to meticulously composing each shot. This analog camera with a waist-level viewfinder urges me to explore diverse techniques and styles, yielding exceptional outcomes. Every medium-format image it produces carries an unparalleled depth of emotion.

These equipment choices transcend being mere tools ; they are extensions of my creativity and artistic vision. They play an essential role in how I perceive and capture the world around me, intricately linked to Majuscule's visual universe.


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Ville de Tours (FR)



1. December 2021 - January 2022 @ Bar du Serpent Volant, Tours

2. October 2022 @ ImagesPHOTO (Germain)

3. 2024, next exhib : work in progress...

majuscule project and exhibition
majuscule project and exhibition

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majuscule with his camera standing on a bridge looking at the picture-takermajuscule with his camera standing on a bridge looking at the picture-taker

First and foremost, I want to express my profound gratitude to my wife, Sarah, whose unwavering support has been an essential pillar in my life. I couldn't have dreamed of a better partner to share this passion that drives me.

My family also holds a special place in my heart, and I warmly thank them for their constant encouragement.

Their loving presence motivates me to give my best.

Finally, I am filled with gratitude towards all the individuals who support me and bring positive emotions throughout this journey.

Every gesture, every word of encouragement means the world to me, and I want you to know how much you contribute to my fulfillment in this passion that sets my soul on fire.

With all my gratitude,

Montlouis sur Loire

Tuesday, August 22, 2023